How to get a Timbrado


As Timbrados are selected considering their song and not their appearance, they look very much like many common canaries. Because of this you may buy a supposed to be Timbrado which, in fact, is just a chopper canary. The best way to get a real Timbrado is to look for a reliable breeder belonging to any Timbrado canary association, which nowadays exist in many European and American countries.

Anyone interested in Spanish Timbrado should know that this is a very diverse breed with different lines and really dissimilar song. The newcomer, prior to start  serious breeding, should decide which of the lines likes better. Otherwise he could start a long lasting program just to find out that prefers any of the other lines. The "classic" or "continuous" line includes many rolls in the repertoire of the birds with very simple flutes and other discontinuous tours. The "flourished" or "discontinuous" line focus on complex musical adornments which reminds the song of nightingales, thrushes, tits... without any roll in the song. Between these two lines there are many birds with more or less rolls in their repertoire but quite elaborate adornments which constitute the "intermediate" strain.

Should be noticed that a relevant group of fanciers and judges belonging to the discontinuous variety have been working for some years in a breakup process from Timbrado, looking for the recognition of a new song canary breed called Spanish Discontinuous Singer. There are strong technical points to both defend Timbrado as a single bred or the split into two so this process of race recognition has an unclear future, specially at the international level of COM (Worldwide Ornithological Confederation). However in Spain this recognition is very likely as it´s strongly supported by COE, one of the most relevant nationwide organizations.


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Miguel Angel Obeso

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