What´s Spanish Timbrado?



Spanish Timbrado is a song canary breed, that´s to say, we select our birds considering their aptitude for song regardless of their colour, shape or size. Timbrado is the most closely linked breed with wild canary from the Canary, Madeira and Azores Islands. We try to keep our birds near of wild canary´s type of song, developing his innate faculties and erasing his defects. This closeness with wild canary makes our birds look very much alike them in shape, size (smaller than many other breeds) and colour, mainly green or yellow and green variegated though it is possible to find slate, cinnamon and full white or yellow Timbrados and, also, crested ones. Any other colours (specially redish tones), frills or weird shapes indicate crossbreeding with other races which it is forbidden by the Official Code (as it is with other song breeds) and, so, these crossed birds are disqualified in contests


Wild canary was kept as a cage bird because of his beautiful song and from the very begining there were Spanish breeders trying to improve it. For certain, those first canaries bred in captivity had a very similar song to some nowadays Timbrado lines. However Spanish Timbrado was the latest recognized international song breed in 1962. Because of this we can say that Timbrado is, at the same time, the oldest and the most modern song breed.   


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